By Chris Bulota

How good were your lessons?

Many students finish their lessons without being competent going out on their own, which is not surprising, as many schools deliver a product that is much closer to a kitesurfing experience rather than a good lesson. This post should give you all the tools you need to self-assess the quality of your training so you can see what you've missed during your lessons.

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By Chris Bulota

Are you Ready for Deep-Water?


Following a spate of newbies losing their boards, failing to relaunch and swimming long distances to rescue themselves at my local spot, I thought I’d offer some advice for newbies venturing out in deep-waters.

1-Assess the wind strength before going out: As a newbie, the conditions you need to safely enjoy a session in deep water are limited. You will need stronger winds than in shallow water to be able to easily ride your board, relaunch your kite and recover your board.

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