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Save an Extra 3% when checking out using the Bank Transfer option. This product has Limited availability for the 2018-2019 season. Please be sure to contact us before placing a booking. KiteBud’s All Inclusive Beginner Kitesurfing Packages. Book your VIP Package with KiteBud




Save an Extra 3% when checking out using the Bank Transfer option

*This product has Limited availability for the 2018-2019 season. Please be sure to contact us before you Checkout Online.


Are you traveling from overseas or other areas in Australia and want to do an intensive kitesurfing course in Perth? If so, then this product is for you!

For best winds we recommend booking your VIP packages between November and February.

Packages Include

-Accommodation (Private Bedroom) only 2.5 KM from the Kite Beach!
-Meals (3 Meals per day)
-Lessons (2 Hours of Private Lessons per day)
Video Tutorials (All KiteBud videos for FREE)
-Equipment Hire (Free UNLIMITED Kitesurfing Equipment Hire during lesson days)
-Transportation (Daily Transportation to and from the beach)
-Transfers from Perth’s Airport can be included depending on your arrival/departure times.

* Choose from 3 Options

-3 Days of lessons (3x 2 hour lessons + Equipment hire with up to 5 nights Accommodation)
-5 Days of lessons (5x 2 hour lessons + Equipment hire with up to 7 nights Accommodation)
-7 Days of lessons (7x 2 hour lessons + Equipment hire with up to 10 nights Accommodation)

  • Package prices are Per Person. Maximum of 2 persons per week.
  • Packages can be customized to better suit your specific needs. Please contact us for more details.
  • Unlike most other Kitesurfing Tour Operators, KiteBud has a  NO WIND-NO CHARGE policy. In the unlikely event poor wind conditions prevents us from delivering you the Total amount of Lessons you paid for during your stay, you will be refunded $75.00 per Hour of lesson you missed out on.
  • International travelers: Nous pouvons offrir tous vos cours en Français! Podemos ofrecer sus clases en español!

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For more information about KiteBud’s Beginner Kitesurfing Lesson, click here. 

Any Questions? Click here to read answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Lessons. 


  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tim Atherton

    Thank you kitebud for helping me progress way faster than I thought possible! Christian is an outstanding instructor and the difference really showed compared with a couple of previous lessons I had elsewhere. Three key features made these lessons so effective: 1) Videos. There’s a lot of technical information to absorb as you begin to Kitesurf. By watching kitebud’s professionally made videos beforehand, I spent more lesson time practicing the techniques and less being told information that’s hard to absorb on a windy beach. 2) Radio helmets. Kitesurfing involves doing several things at once, including kite control, stance etc. With the helmets, the instructor gave me precise and targeted feedback (and encouragement!) to overcome the challenges I was facing at each stage of learning, making acquiring these skills much easier. 3) Attitude. Christian is infinitely patient, safety focused, and naturally creates trust which made me feel much more able to step outside my comfort zone. Since I came to Perth during a trip to Australia from the USA, I booked the VIP package, which included lessons, accommodation and food. This made the trip way simpler to organize and I’d recommend travelers from afar consider this option. Kitebud is so good, its totally worth traveling to Perth for! More generally, I highly recommend kitebud for anyone who’s serious about learning the sport and wants to become an independent kitesurfer.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Audrey L.

    5-Stars! Nothing less! I came half-way across the world from Canada to learn kitesurfing with Christian and it was beyond my expectations. I quickly understood the difference with the others schools, KiteBud puts his expertise on developing solid basics skills and great kite control before getting on the board. Safety was paramount and he puts a heavy emphasis on teaching you to become fully independent in the ocean. Thanks Christian for your attention and great patience, what an amazing experience!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I chose “ALL INCLUSIVE KITESURFING BEGINNER PACKAGES” and I had 7 days lessons. I did everything what I wanted to do here. Christian and Sylvie supported me a lot. I felt my progression after every lessons. They always gave me pointed advices. Especially, it was awsome experience for me to try a foil. I appreciate all your kindness.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Martyn Dance

    Well, well, well….. I had two weeks RnR, choosing Sydney was a challenge to find kiteboarding lessons to fill my 10 days of pleasure. I got on the ‘GOOGLE’. Oh boy did I score the best 10 days of my life!!, Looks like Perth it is… Firstly I got onto the boys at Airbourne to source my equipment, they hooked me up with a great rig including board and kite gear. Next I found the ‘KITEBUD’ , WOW!!!! Christian is the man!!! He is the whole package, combining a great kitesurfing portal for your kitesurfing requirements and various packages to suit your needs, all the equipment used is tuned monthly and in top condition. I chose the MAX VIP treatment….10 days accomodation and 7 by two hour lessons with food (amazing dinners, did I say POUTINE, POUTINE, POUTINE…. and for lunch scrumshous wraps made by the amazing and very talented SYLVIE) don’t forget the awwsummm coffee machine, DO NOT ADD SUGER!!!! I rarely make great decisions, this was by far the best decision of my life. It was fate Christian was able to meet me and my 100kg’s of luggage at the airport and go via AIRBOURNE to collect my new equipment and meet the guys. Then its off to hotel KITEBUD…. only a 10min bike ride from the beach at PINNEROO POINT. What an amazing location, turquoise clear blue water, fine white sandy beach… I thought I was in the Dominican Republic. Christians knowledge is thorough and precise to what you are being taught on the day. I went in a non kiter and came out being able to do a NON BUTT CHECK ON THE WATER, a clean transition!!!! WOW WOW WOW…. I reached my goal while experiencing the KITEBUD approach. I highly reccomend KITEBUD to anyone who wants to advance thier kitesurfing repertoire. Christian and Sylvie are a great team!!! How was that LASAGNE!!! Cheers to the CC

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