2019 Basic Airush Package Deals with 6 Hours of Lessons (3x 2H Lessons)




Kitesurfing Package deals

Our 2019 Package deals are Sold Out! This page will be updated in October 2019 with the new 2020 Package deals!

8m Progression SPS Package: $2999.00

9m Progression SPS Package: $3079.00

10m Progression SPS Package: $3129.00

12m Progression SPS Package: $3229.00

This special offer includes (click each link for more info) :

2019 Airush Lithium Progression SPS Kite

+ 2019 Airush Progression Bar

2019 Airush Switch Progression Board

Flying Objects Flight Control Harness (all sizes available)

Airush Pump

6 Hours of lessons with KiteBud (3x 2H Lessons)

2 Hours+ of video tutorials produced by KiteBud

Your Kitesurfing Equipement will be delivered to you at the start of your first lesson

How to choose the right size of kite and board ? See the table below

Single Kite 18-25 knotsTwo Kites 15-25 knotsThree kites 10-35 knotsBoard length
506 or 7m6/7m + 4/5m9m + 6/7m + 4/5m125-132cm
607 or 8m7/8m + 5/6m12m + 7/8m + 5/6m126-134cm
708 or 9m8/9m + 6/7m13/14m + 8/9m + 6/7m130-136cm
809 or 10m9/10m + 7/8m15/16m + 9/10m + 7/8m132-139cm
9010 or 11m10/11m + 7/8m17/18m + 10m + 7m135-142cm
10011 or 12m11/12m + 8/9m17/18m + 11m + 8m137-145cm
11012 or 13m12/13m + 9/10m18/19m + 12m + 9m139-150cm

Basic Kitesurfing package deal












All lessons will be running between October 2019 and April 2020 from Pinnaroo Point in Perth’s Northern Suburbs

Click Here to see our usual lessons schedule
12-2 pm
2H Lesson
12-2 pm
2H Lesson
12-2 pm
2H Lesson
12-2 pm
2H Lesson
12-2 pm
2H Lesson
12-2 pm
2H Lesson
12-2 pm
2H Lesson
2:15-4:15 pm
2H Lesson
2:15-4:15 pm
2H Lesson
2:15-4:15 pm
2H Lesson
2:15-4:15 pm
2H Lesson
2:15-4:15 pm
2H Lesson
2:15-4:15 pm
2H Lesson
2:15-4:15 pm
2H Lesson
4:30-6:30 pm
2H Lesson
4:30-6:30 pm
2H Lesson
4:30-6:30 pm
2H Lesson
4:30-6:30 pm
2H Lesson
4:30-6:30 pm
2H Lesson
4:30-6:30 pm
2H Lesson
4:30-6:30 pm
2H Lesson


Click Here to see what will be covered during your first 6 Hours of lesson
Kitesurfing regulations & Location analysis
Identify wind: sources, directions, strengths & effects
Understand the 3D wind window: safe launching & landing areas, safe flying areas and power zones
Safely setup kite and lines on a windy beach. Identify parts of the equipment. Safely pack down kite/lines
Explain and activate all safety systems before flight
Assisted launch & Land from the kite perspective
Basic flying skills: steady kite at all clock positions with a good stance, a relaxed posture & hand grip
Emergency self-land using the safety system
Water re-launch from water’s edge
Assisted launch/land from the bar perspective
Knowledge & use of communication signals
Practical Self Rescue simulation on the beach
First body drag & practical basic deep water self-rescue
Relaunching the kite in deep water
Body-drag away & return to the beach safely
One handed flying skills
Walk around safely while flying the kite & being aware of other kiters, beach users & other potential dangers
Upwind body dragging: Leave beach & return to same spot after 50m body drag
Walk safely upwind while carrying the board & safely moving the kite position to avoid dangers & problems
Body-drag using the board as a keel
Recover the board when lost upwind
Water-start theory & practical exercise
Explain the right of way rules and understand how to ride amongst other riders
Get up on the board and ride for 50m
Full Pack Down Self rescue
Self-Launch the kite
Advanced self-land using the safety system
Ride cross/ down wind and return to the beach
Ride across and upwind of starting point
Transition and change direction under control

After your first 6 hours of lessons you should be able to have good control of a few different sizes of inflatable kites. You will have experience with flying different line lengths (from 5 to 24m). Depending on your kite control skills,  you should be able to ride comfortably on  your board in both directions. You will also be able to setup/pack down your equipment on your own without any assistance. When arriving at the beach, you will have the ability to assess the location (pros, cons, dangers) and the wind conditions (strength, direction, effects). With KiteBud you will learn practical safety drills and demonstrate your competence in being able to get yourself out of trouble (self-rescue) when anything goes wrong. We will also teach you more advance skills such as self-launching and self-landing.


Click Here to see which videos will be included with your 6 Hour Booking
Included Videos2H Booking
(Online Program Bronze)
4H Booking
(Online Program Silver)
6H+ Booking
(Online Program Gold)
Regulations & Location analysisgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Wind Sources & Wind Directionsgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Wind Speed & Wind Effectsgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Kitesurfing Equipmentgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Wind Windowgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Kite Setup & Equipment Terminologygreentick2greentick2greentick2
Kite Packinggreentick2greentick2greentick2
Kite Controlgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Basic Flying Skillsgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Safety systemsgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Basic Self-Rescuegreentick2greentick2greentick2
Pack Down Self-Rescuegreentick2greentick2greentick2
How to Untangle Linesgreentick2greentick2greentick2
Assisted Launchinggreentick2greentick2greentick2
Assisted Landinggreentick2greentick2greentick2
Water Relaunchinggreentick2greentick2
Body Dragginggreentick2greentick2
Water Startsgreentick2greentick2
First Runsgreentick2greentick2
Right of Way Rulesgreentick2greentick2
Riding Upwindgreentick2greentick2
Advanced Self-Landinggreentick2
Tethered Launching & Landinggreentick2
Line Tuninggreentick2
Recovering from a Kite Inversiongreentick2
All future & Bonus KiteBud videosgreentick2


Any Questions? Click here to read answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Lessons
For more information about KiteBud’s Beginner Kitesurfing Lessons, click here
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